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This game scared me so badly, great job! :D

A que nadie a notado toda la vida diminuta que esta en este juego como yo lo he echo ....

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I loved the game dudes right off the bat solid scary game check out my video you will not regret..

I totally loved the idea of having a musicbox that was revealing secret symbols scattered around the house, while at the same time you had to avoid being caught by that legless creature..Spoopy and very well made!I'm extremely eager to play more of this!Thanks a lot!Here is my let's play also:

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This was first game what I played on my channel and I really enjoy it! I didn't catch the idea, but the game was great.

Just played this and you guys did a great job with this game. I love the mindfucky parts and the balance between creepy stuff happening that you can't quite see and jump scares!

The game looks great visually and the gameplay is solid. The monster gave me Amnesia flashbacks... It's all around an "enjoyable" experience!

Grymt bra jobbat! :D

My first time playing an actual HORROR game. LUCKILY for you, I haven't shitteded my pants yet HAHA. Can't wait to get to the SCARY shit ! Come watch this with me and expreince the penis tingling whores.... [bad joke][wheres my bleach when I need it]

Really want to play this game, but the motion blur and head bob makes me extremely motion sick. Any way to include options for toggling these on/off in the future?

Great game, i hope i can see more from you guys.

My spanish gameplay here

Such a fantastic little game. Big thanks to the 17 that made it what it is :)

Absolutely loved this game, haven't felt that tense and truly freaked out in a while. I know there is already far too many reviews and videos of this game, but I am so glad that I finally got in to play it. Amazing job!

I loved the game, i wish it was a little longer !!! here is a playthrough of it

Great game! Amazing graphics! play it!

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Amazing game, but I think the game needs more jumpscare and more stress situations.

Impresionante el juego esperando a que salga

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Played this game for my youtube channel, a fantastic game with a real creepy atmosphere. Loved every minute of it

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Best game :D

Finally got to play the game.

what are the steps to download this game, tried several times but can't get it to work #needhelp

Great Game! I would love to see a sequel to this that explains more of the story though!

Check out my channel for more similar content!


Could you, uh... could you not scare the crap out of me? kthxbye...

Gameplay en ESPAÑOL

Slenderman en un muñeco :o, no puedo creer la vida diminuta en este ju

Notes of Obsession has an interesting concept with the player using a music box to conjure up glyphs and runes on the walls of a seemily empty house, in order to advance. The gaem features high production value for an indie horror game and boasts decent sound design and animation as well as impressive graphics. We were on the edge of our seat throughout our time with this game!

Very interesting concept! The graphics were on point and I absolutely loved how creepy the monster was! Great game! However some more guidance would be greatly appreciated as I searched for the last rune for about 10 minutes. Great job!

I had a ton of fun with this game and it really reminded me of P.T in the whole wardrobe thing it was so good. Here's a video I recorded of my experience.

This is my playthrough of this horror game, Notes of Obsession, hopefully you all enjoy it. Its a great horror game with great graphics and narrative. :)

Just made a playthrough of this amazing game, thank you for making it! Loved it!


Hi there! I uploaded a playthough of this game, and it was a LOT of fun! I even gave a little critique at the end. Thank you for making this, and I hope you do more! :)


Gameplay en ESPAÑOL

Slenderman en un muñeco :o, no puedo creer la vida diminuta en este ju


Gameplay en ESPAÑOL

Slenderman en un muñeco :o, no puedo creer la vida diminuta en este juego


Ok, so I confess I've not played myself. I would, but my PC's not good enough. I just wanted to say: you guys nailed it. This game not only looks gorgeous, but also managed to avoid ruining the immersion when showing the enemy. The photorealistic environments of PT were on par with this, but the enemy was just completely different. You guys are wizards. I can't wait to see what else you make.

It keeps crashing...


Notes of Obsession

What are the recommended specs for this game?

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