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Explore the inner workings of madness in Notes of Obsession, a horror game set in a modern, Swedish house. With music box in hand, will you be able to survive the night?

Creaky Stairs Studios is made up of 17 Swedish students studying game development at the University of Skövde. The game was made during 10 weeks, with assets, sound and music produced by us. We at Creaky Stairs Studios hope you'll enjoy this game we have made.

You guys are allowed to make let's plays and post them anywhere!

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(128 total ratings)
AuthorCreaky Stairs
TagsFirst-Person, free, Horror, house, music-box, realistic, symbols


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I really liked the game, thank you!

A Beautiful Experience! 

5/5 Stars.

originally watched Dashie play this and had to play it myself. pooped myself!! 

Очень зашла эта игра своей механикой и детализированным монстром

Really well made! 

Click the video for the full review!

モンスターが怖すぎる!それはトラウマになるでしょう。( ́・ω・')

Dans une maison et emprisonné , vous devrez utilisé une boîte à musique pour découvrir de nombreux secret pour pouvoir survivre.

Great graphics, atmosphere and story! :)

Had to make into a Try Not To... 🤣


The atmosphere was super creepy at times . I wasnt sure about the game's story though. It does feel like this should have been a teaser for a bigger game.

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I think this is a scary and beautiful looking game with a lot of potential for a longer and darker story but either way thank you for making a really good horror experience.


Nice Game

Gameplay en español

A really cool game:) 

My playtrough of your game



this game was cool! I liked the scares and the little exploration looking for the symbols, was creepy as heck :D

Great game! Wasn't expecting lore in such a short experience, even if simple it gives a different depth to the game :)

A fantastic game, that left me hungry for more!!! Graphically superb, still holds up to this day! The creature in it, is completely messed up. Nightmare inducing!!! Loved the whole thing! Thank you dev! If you want to check out my experience of this game then please feel free to check out the video below!

Nice to meet you!

I'm “sare” making a video on youtube.

I released a video of this game today!

It was a horror game with a high degree of perfection, and it was a lot of fun!

(I'm a little weak in English, so I'm sorry if it's difficult to understand.)

深夜に自宅でオルゴール鳴らして徘徊って普通に発狂していますね【Notes of Obsession】 - YouTube

Awesome game, still holds up to todays standards very well!

hard to find all ... but good gameplay... thank you !

[ STARTS 13:20 ] This game definitely had the atmosphere going for it! Fire mechanics really unique!

i loved this game! The mechanic made it really unique, and i was petrified throughout.

check out my video.

Since I deleted the original video I made on this game I decided to pay it a revisit. Tbh, it still holds up very well and actually matches up with today's horror games.

fuckin love this game, so simple yet so fun and the music is soo eerie good 

interesting game quite short and easy to understand game

This game seriously freaked me out. Incredible game. Can't wait to see what you develop in the future. Keep it up!


very unique horror game....

Good Game,here my gameplay!

Here to add to the list of playthroughs! Great game. Thanks for the scares <3


Ay, this was a really great horror experience! Please be a good chap and check out this video I made on it! I am willing to bet you it's a lot better quality than the folks under me.

Video-> (4) SOMEONE SENT ME A CURSED MUSIC BOX AND I OPENED IT..(BAD IDEA!!!) II. Notes of Obsession - YouTube

LOVED THIS very creepy though very dark lol I put it in my three free horror games video if you wish to check it out

Welcome back to three free horror games (Ep.6) Todays games are more weird than horrifying but are scary in their own rights. Come check it out as we go from searching to symbols to hiding by closing our eyes. Welcome back to the Asylum

This game was made some time ago that STILL competes with the newer made games. Highly detailed  to the point where you see the the design on the wall !  Great game indeed ! Game here:

Please share and subscribe !!

SKIP TO 8:51!!!

The atmosphere and objective in this game are really well done!  I had a lot of fun trying out this game! 


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