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Creaky Stairs Studios. I gave you a standing ovation in my video. We need more of these games. I totally loved it. Amazing game. 

fantastic  job on this game! The overall atmosphere of it overall was very creepy and I LOVED IT! i had just finished a let's play of this game and it's pretty awesome..

fantastic work, absolute realistic!

So this might not be the most conventional playthrough of Notes of Obsession, but I really enjoyed the game. Wish you guys made more! :(

I tried to play this last year, that didn't end well. But I revisited it a year later and here it is! Great game, actually enjoyed it after gathering the courage to play it :)


Good job for the game :)

Not invited to dinner parties!

A simple music box, a gift...and then the storm....Wonderful suspense and creepiness. Here is a play through and a review at the end plus a few thoughts on the story (Play the game before watching the ending thoughts)

This is the scariest monster attack I have ever experienced in a game. Really visceral.

This is so beautifly and creepy. 

I would buy a full version

This is really well made, only complaint would be that an option to turn off head bob is missing. Head bob can really take away alot of immersion and should always be optional. Otherwise great work ! 

Gameplay Complete

Amazing game! My gameplay here:

Nice game, had a blast playing it! 

Visually and atmospherically - a delight! I really loved this beautifully executed short horror game. I'll be hearing that music box playing in my dreams LOL Would love to know more about the story line!

Really terrific stuff, especially from a relatively small team. Great visuals, gameplay and idea. Neatly done.


Is it possible to absolutely love and hate a game at the same time? Definitely five stars for this one!

A whole lotta NOPES today. At least I have some nice music from this music box to cheer me up!

Yet another game I failed to play at the time of release, but boy was it good. The audio and visual design of the game was stellar. Audio is what usually gets me in horror games and this had it in droves with weird and creepy sounds throughout the house. The monster upon first glance is terrifying and that's only heightened once you look at it for long enough. All in all, it was a great, short horror game!

Довольно - таки атмосферная игруля ;) Рекомендую :)

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That game was amazing. I mad a German LP about it:

This horror gem deserves more attention.

sub right now and ill buy you a puppy


Here is my go at Notes Of Obsession.

is contoller supported

First part of my time with Notes of Obsession. Creaky Stairs Studios really needs to make more horror experiences like this!


Another video from this game. Man, the experience was good.


Another video from this game. Man, the experience was good.


Another video from this game. Man, the experience was good.


Another video from this game. Man, the experience was good.

This game scared me so badly, great job! :D

A que nadie a notado toda la vida diminuta que esta en este juego como yo lo he echo ....

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I loved the game dudes right off the bat solid scary game check out my video you will not regret..

I totally loved the idea of having a musicbox that was revealing secret symbols scattered around the house, while at the same time you had to avoid being caught by that legless creature..Spoopy and very well made!I'm extremely eager to play more of this!Thanks a lot!Here is my let's play also:

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This was first game what I played on my channel and I really enjoy it! I didn't catch the idea, but the game was great.

Just played this and you guys did a great job with this game. I love the mindfucky parts and the balance between creepy stuff happening that you can't quite see and jump scares!

The game looks great visually and the gameplay is solid. The monster gave me Amnesia flashbacks... It's all around an "enjoyable" experience!

Grymt bra jobbat! :D

My first time playing an actual HORROR game. LUCKILY for you, I haven't shitteded my pants yet HAHA. Can't wait to get to the SCARY shit ! Come watch this with me and expreince the penis tingling whores.... [bad joke][wheres my bleach when I need it]

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