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The atmosphere and objective in this game are really well done!  I had a lot of fun trying out this game! 


Quite short, but very fun!

Wow. Loved it. The game was keeping my interest and tention to the very end. I wish there would be more.

This was an amazingly terrifying experience that was executed fantastically on all fronts from the graphics, to the sound, and especially the game play. To everyone who was involved in making this game I’d like to thank you for the horrifying experience, and I hope you all keep up the incredible work.

very enjoy the game nice

It is perfect! Thanks for this experience! Don't forget to like & subscribe for no commentary games :)

this game had me freaking out i was on edge the whole time i loved it and i highly recommend playing this game i played it on twitch as you can see here give all these guys love that mad this game  also the graphics are unreal and fantastic 

One of the best games I have played on itchio. I strongly recommend playing it. The graphics are outstanding and the storyline is perfect. Great work!

I won't lie. After my first in-game demise, I gave up. For some reason, it just creeped me out too much and that coupled with sleep deprivation was simply a bad mixture for me. 

This game is great it has everything I like in a horror game, I also love the twisted story of the game. I wish you all the best, and hope to see more from you in the future!

I liked playing this game a lot. It definitely made me wake up when I recorded this when I just woke up in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to more game from you in the future !

If this game was slightly longer, this could literally be on Steam or Epicgames . Such an awesome experience, super polished and engaging story. I sincerely hope you guys stuck together and are creating more gaming experiences. A+++ effort

Please say you're making more horror games?!?!!?!

Nice mechanics and great game overall but I think the game should be darker by default. 

honestly this game scared me. it was great and you guys did an amazing job

This was so damn good! A truly unique experience! Very interesting mechanics and a great buildup to the ending. Here's my playthrough:

That was a seriously creepy game, especially with the music box. I loved how the toy car moved on it's own when the music played.

This is a fantastic game! It looks phenomenal and you've manage the maintain the atmosphere through the whole thing. LOVE it!!

Better late than never play this game! Thanks guy's, I had a great time playing it!

I Love this short but intensive Journey, Great Design, Graphic and good Feeling, when i play dis one ;)Love from germany

Matt gave this game a go a while back and really enjoyed it.

Thank you for the experience! I really enjoyed it :)

Played it/completed it/loved it :D Thanks for the experience!

 The monster concept is simple but well realized and effective. Really good work!

15 MINUTES OF INTENSE HORROR! | Notes of Obsession Full Gameplay Walkthrough

really spooky game.

me dead lol.

How install please tell me

I know I'm not being very original here by doing this buuuuuuut here ya go....Really cool game though :P

What a great game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

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I absolutely loved this game. The jump scares where perfect and not too frequent but just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Really liked the whole concept of this, not knowing what a clue would lead to. Fantastic job. 

Notes of Obsession is a great game that stands the test of time. You guys produced this 2 years ago!  I've been meaning to play it for about a year but, always put it off. Honestly I thought it was going to be super jumpscarey! I'm glad that even if you get jumpscared and, caught you can still beat the game.


Muy bueno, espero hagais más. Saludos desde España

Finally I played this game and atmosphere is so amazing here. Spooky even when you know what will happen

That was an absolutely terrifying monster, and I just want to say the music box was a really interesting mechanic that I'd love to see implemented in a bigger work! the way it summons the monster yet at the same time reveals what you're looking for is a genius way of keeping tension

Been hearing about this for a while, and finally got around to giving it a go. What an amazing experience, and what a testament to just how much can be accomplished with just how little.

All we have here is a house, a monster, and a game mechanic that forces you to attract its attention, and it's absolutely spine chilling! Great stuff, you guys!

I absolutely love this game! I hope you guys make a full title out of this! I love the game mechanic involved around the music box! So cool! 

Check out my video! :)

Loved this game! Very well done. Looking forward to whats next form Creaky Stairs Studios!

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