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Deleted 6 years ago

how do you embed the video like that?

Heyyy, I really enjoyed the whole game experience! Congratulation guys from Creaky Stairs Studios , that was amazing!

I did a gameplay on my channel! Hope you like it! Put on your headphones, breath deep and grab your music box, because thinks will get pretty spooky around this Swedish house!


how do you embed the video like that?

Hey hey hey I found you once again Luigi! :D

Yey :D

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Loved your game! I'm sure you're getting tired of the praise by now :P you 17 kids did some really good work. Check out my pop-up style Let's Play for it:


how do you embed the video like that?

I'll tell you if you check out my channel!

Lol I kid, I'll tell you regardless. It's easy you just gotta paste the youtube link, and hit "enter". Should pop right up as in embed. Weird that information isn't more easily available, huh?

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Absolutely fantastic. It looked amazing and didn't feel like a retread of the same old mechanics that are so overused in most horror games these days. I'll definitely be on the lookout for more from Creaky Stairs.

Uploaded a couple of days ago!
Loved this! Nice to see such talented Sweds! ;)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

I really enjoyed playing this game , the atmosphere of the game was amazing and i really like the concept with the music box and the signs , really nice game.

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It's about the size of a demo, and so the video is not only a first impression video, but also a full walkthrough, so spoiler alert!

7:16 Explanation of what you actually have to do in this game. (figuring it out on the fly myself)

13:10 Door slams shut and freaks me out :D makes my arm hair stand up.

Notes Of Obsession - Free Horror Game! First Hour Noob 60fps

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Thank you for this really interesting project. Even tho it is a simple collection type gameplay it is made in kinda unique way. Tense atmosphere as well as really good and realistic graphics create very scary experience ;] The point of the 'story' that game try to hint us is not very obvious and I noticed it after I ended my gameplay but thanks to that I liked it even more. Love the graphics (great use of restricted area), love the sounds, and after some thinking, kinda love the story.

I am leaving my experience in form of video and commentary ( even tho it is butchered by my poor english skill ). Thank you and Enjoy !

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Nice game with unique search-and-fetch mechanics, an increasingly maddening atmosphere, and a very scary monster.

Here's my playthrough video:

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I'm really enjoying this, thankyou so much for making it free too, hope you'll make more! :)

This game is amazing you did a really good job on the graphics, animations, and the creepy atmospere is on point.

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AMAZING GAME!! blown away.



I was really blown away by this game! If someone just told me try out this demo from a triple A studio of a horror game I would have completely believed them. This is amazing not just for a student project but amazing in general. I'd love to see this turned into a full game, keep up the amazing work!


Great game - here's my walkthrough!

Very well done, peeps, good job heh. Keep it up and make sure to release some more games like that one. Thumbs up! :)

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I finally got the game working and I loved it! Good Job guy

Here's my let's play of it!

WoW... This game... Is... SO HORRIFYING GOD DAMNN IT

Very scary! And , a lot of fun!

I love it! from Japan.

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Probably the best short horror game I have ever played!

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Played this Game and it´s so fuc**** shocking! Loved it! German Lets Play^^

Habe das Spiel durchgezockt und ich bin echt platt. Es war so gruselig. Selbst dann, als nichts passiert ist und nur Musik kam! Echt wahnsinn kann es jedem nur weiterempfehlen! Der Hammer. Und das für umsonst! Ihr könntet wirklich 10000000 Euro damit verdienen jungs und mädels...!

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Everything about this game is amazing. The visuals are very well done. The monster is creepy as hell, and has really good pathing. The audio is incredible! The subtle queues when looking for symbols is an awesome touch. It was short, but worth every second. Amazing job!!

Let's Play: Notes of Obsession

Very nice work! The atmosphere was done really well, especially the setup at the beginning. I feel like I don't typically get spooked by games like these anymore, but this one worked on me! [SPOILER COMMENTS AHEAD] I can see your inspiration from PT with the door trick. It might be improved with a less vague story- it might have been cool if you took some inspiration from The Babadook with regards to the (difficulty of) motherhood theme to give the game some more weight. For me, once the monster stealth / avoidance was introduced, I felt like the game got a lot less scary, since it somehow felt more familiar and video-gamey. It could have been cool to play with more of the environmental effects / scares, and make the antagonist less easy to visualize to leave more up to the imagination. Anyway, pretty awesome, high quality, stuff here!

Is there any chance of a Linux version?

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This game is amazing! Really good graphics, good atmosphere and great sound effects! It will definitely give you a scare!

Recorded a play through which you can view here:

THIS GAME IS SUPER SCARY ! congrats to all the game devs , short but sweet horror game ..

I just played the game and I almost shit myself!!!

SUPER scary and creepy game!

I really enjoyed playing it.

Good job!

Your ChoppyPine

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